Intimacy and Connection: A Guide to Deeper Bonding

This interactive workshop focuses on the importance and development of relationship intimacy. Participants will explore the basics of emotional intimacy, methods for improving communication skills, and strategies for building sexual intimacy. The goal is for couples to better understand each other, develop their connection, and create deeper emotional and physical intimacy. Topics include trust-building, conflict resolution, and maximizing quality time together.

Target Audience: Couples in all stages of life who want to get closer to each other, as well as individuals who want to better understand relationship dynamics.

Platform: Zoom

Date and Time: May 24, 2024, Friday 3:00-4:00 PM in Hungarian, 4:30-5:30 PM CET in English

Participation: Free, but registration is required


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    Anita Sárkány

    As a psychologist, my goal is to bridge the gap between science and everyday life, helping people to understand themselves and others, thereby making their lives more harmonious.