Psychological consultation


We all face difficulties, find ourselves in decision-making situations, and solve these in various ways, depending on our personality, temperament, opportunities, and internal resources. I am committed to continuous learning, regularly attending thematic professional trainings and lectures. In my work, I focus on understanding what happens on deeper levels, what holds us back, and after understanding, being able to achieve long-term, lifelong positive changes.

I love humor and a relaxed atmosphere; both in my personal life and in my work, I strive for harmony and attentiveness. I enjoy living in the moment, quality time, so it’s important to me that those who work with me feel similar.

When I look for a professional, I need two things. They must be competent and treat me with humanity. This is what I also strive for.

My methods
My methods encompass a wide range of cognitive and behavioral therapy tools, schema therapy, transactional analysis, as well as imagination and visual techniques, with my goal being a practical, action-oriented approach.

My Areas of Expertise

Individual psychological counseling

During individual counseling sessions, I provide personalized
support to clients in expanding their self-awareness, managing
emotional challenges, and improving their quality of life, all within
a safe and supportive environment. Each client’s unique life
situation, personal goals, and challenges are taken into account
throughout the individual consultation process.

Topics I deal with:

  • Self-awareness and self-esteem: Exploring our inner world, strengthening self-esteem, and positively shaping our self-image.
  • Stagnation: Addressing stagnation experienced in career paths, relationships, or personal development.
  • Dating difficulties: Identifying and addressing challenges and obstacles encountered in finding a partner.
  • Marital crises: Managing relationship difficulties, improving communication, developing reunification strategies.
  • Decision-making situations: Supporting those facing important life decisions, exploring options.
  • Life crises: Managing adolescent, mid-life, and elderly crises, developing coping strategies for transitional periods.
  • Lack of direction: Finding a life purpose, motivation, and planning a life path.
  • Communication problems: Developing effective communication skills, improving emotional expression.
  • Conflicts: Learning conflict resolution techniques, constructive dispute resolution methods.
  • Lifestyle problems: Advice on daily routines, time management, and lifestyle planning.
  • Anxiety: Managing various types of anxiety, such as generalized anxiety, social anxiety.
  • Burnout: Restoring the balance between work and personal life, preventing and managing burnout.
  • Workplace problems: Managing workplace stress, conflicts, improving workplace relationships.
  • Stress: Stress management techniques, relaxation methods, uncovering the causes of stress.
  • Sexual problems: Managing sexual dysfunctions, differences in desire, intimacy issues.

Relationship counseling

The goal of relationship counseling is for couples to better understand each other, develop more effective communication and problem-solving skills, and achieve deeper connection and satisfaction in their relationship. During consultations, I apply a personalized approach, considering the specific situation and needs of the couple.

Topics I deal with

  • Infidelity: Restoring trust, understanding the process of forgiveness, and rebuilding the foundations of the relationship.
  • Communication problems: Developing effective communication skills, methods of expressing emotions, and conflict resolution.
  • Intimacy and sexual problems: Differences in sexual desire, lack of intimacy, managing sexual dysfunctions.
  • Financial disputes: Managing disagreements over money management, establishing common financial goals.
  • Lifestyle and habits: Harmonizing different lifestyles, leisure activities, and habits.
  • Parenting: Resolving parental disagreements, aligning parenting styles, passing on family values and traditions.
  • Loyalty and commitment: Understanding the depth and significance of commitment, security, and stability in the relationship.
  • Separation and divorce: Processing separation or divorce, starting a new life, managing change.
  • Traumas and past grievances: Processing wounds from previous relationships or childhood.
  • Family dynamics and external influencing factors: The impact of family background and external stress sources on the relationship.

Sexual psychology

I work with individuals and couples, aiming to help people better understand and manage the psychological factors affecting their sexual life. I use a variety of therapeutic techniques, including talk therapy, behavioral therapy techniques, and often collaborate with other specialists, such as urologists or gynecologists, to develop the best treatment plan.

Topics I deal with

  • Sexual desire issues: Differences in libido between partners, lack of desire.
  • Sexual dysfunctions: Erectile dysfunctions, lack of orgasm, premature ejaculation, painful sexual intercourse.
  • Sexual identity issues: Exploring and accepting sexual orientation, gender identity.
  • Sexual orientation: Experiencing and accepting homosexuality, bisexuality, heterosexuality, and other orientations.
  • Relationship intimacy issues: Lack of or disturbances in physical and emotional intimacy.
  • Paraphilias: Atypical sexual interest that deviates from social norms.
  • Sexual abuse and trauma: Supporting individuals who have experienced sexual abuse, processing trauma.
  • Sexual education and communication: Developing knowledge related to sexual health, safety, and communication.
  • Effects of pornography use: The impact of pornography use on an individual’s sexual behavior, desires, and expectations, and its potential impact on the relationship and sexual experiences.
  • Excessive pornography use: The excessive or compulsive consumption of pornographic material that becomes disruptive in an individual’s life, negatively affecting relationships, work, and daily activities.

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