With over 20 years of experience in leadership consulting and psychology within strategic human resource management, I have worked across Europe and the Middle East. My activities extend from identifying emerging talents to assessing high-level executives. I design personalized development programs and deal with a wide range of talent management tasks, including performance evaluation and psychometric, 360-degree assessments. As an experienced psychologist and strategic consultant, I help individuals and teams overcome business and personal challenges with practical solutions.

I travel extensively and enjoy getting to know different cultures, which allows me to approach leadership challenges and talent development from a broad perspective.

My methods

My methods encompass a wide range of cognitive and behavioral therapy tools, schema therapy, transactional analysis, as well as imagination and visual techniques, with my goal being a practical, action-oriented approach.

My areas of expertise in leadership include:

  • Leadership Assessment: Identifying, evaluating, and developing leadership skills.
  • Personalized Development Programs: Creating unique development plans and programs that support the growth and development of leaders.
  • Talent Management: Integrated approach to performance evaluation, succession planning, and talent cultivation.
  • Psychometric and 360-Degree Assessments: Using objective tools to assess leadership competencies and feedback from colleagues.
  • Overcoming Business and Life Challenges: Providing practical and strategic advice to achieve business success and personal satisfaction.
  • Corporate Client Training: Leading customized training programs for companies that focus on developing leadership skills and improving team performance.
  • Consultancy: Offering unique consultancy services to organizations in leadership strategies, organizational culture development, and change management.

Leadership roles and challenges are constantly evolving in the rapidly changing business environment. My goal is to assist leaders and organizations in adapting, growing, and performing exceptionally on the global market.

Companies and organizations can reach out if they are looking for expertise and support.

Leaders and individuals can also turn to me for coaching and psychological counseling alike. Whether it’s about personal development, career planning, managing workplace challenges, or questions of life management, I provide support tailored to individual needs.

Questions? I'm Here to Offer Clarity and Perspective.